Traditional Herbal Soup

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Dry Cordyceps Soup
Function: Relieve cough and resolve  phlegm, clear heat  Weight: 115gm+ Brand: 正兴 Serves: 4-6persons / for vegetarian : meat is not required Ingredients: Guangxi Cordyceps, dried..
Dry Dates Soup
Function: Nourishing heart and lung, to help body build strength and immunity, for beauty Weight: 125gm+ Brand: 正兴 Serves : 4-6persons / for vegetarian : meat is not required Remarks ..
Liu Wei Dessert Soup
Function:  effective tonic for the kidneys and lungs,moisturizing properties excellent for alleviating throat and lung ailments,for beauty Weight: 150gm+ Brand: 正兴 Serves: 4-6persons / F..
Walnut Herb Soup
Function:  good for nourishing the brain, resemble the shape of a body organ Weight: 140gm+ Brand: 正兴 Serves: 4-6persons / For vegetarian meat may not required Ingredients: walnu..
Cordyceps Flower Soup
Function: Nourishing lung, relives cough, valueble herb to help body build strength and immunity, improve breathing, benefiting-qi , for beauty, good for heart and blood clot, build up one's..
Ginseng Herb Soup
Function :  Refrshing and benefiting qi, release body heat, make up spleen and lungs, anti-fatigue, reduce cholesterol, strengthen the body and mind Weight: 115gm+ Brand : 正兴 Serves : 4-..
Ningshen Herb Soup
Function: Calming the mind and keeping the heart healthy. Weights:130gm+ Brand:正兴 Serves:4-6persons / For vegetarian meat may not required  Ingredients: gojiberry, dangshen, dried lon..
Shenqi Herb Soup
Function: boost immunity, fight fatigue, and increase appetite Weight : 125gm+ Brand: 正兴 Serves:4-6 person / For vegetarian maet may not required Ingredients: dangshen, bei qi, juan f..
Shenxu Buqi Soup
Function: Benefiting qi, boost the immune system,anti-stress,help in thinking and memory, relieve heat Weight: 110gm+ Brand: 正兴 Serves:4-6person / For vegetarian meat may not required Ingr..
Shi Quan Herb Soup
Function:Tonify Qi and Blood, Warm the Yang, Strengthen immune system Weight: 175gm+ Brand:正兴 Serves: 4-6persons Ingredients :  Shu di huang, dang gui, dang shen, huang qi, bai s..
Si Shen Herb Soup
Function: help to lend support to those with weak constitution and maintain our well-being, nourish the body, balance the flow of “qi” and invigorate the spirit Weight: 110gm+ Brand: 正兴 ..
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