Flower Tea

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Function: Helps in the excretion of excess fluids from the body, aid in weight loss, used as a supplement to help treat coughs and colds, serve as an excellent food supplement and an ai..
Function : Help to diminish pimples, dark spot, blackheads ect skin problems. Improve digestive system, remove excess fat, clear ance, lighten pigmentation and ease nerves. Help     &nb..
Function: Age-related disease prevention, rich in antioxidants, pain-relieving effects, good for eye, effects on skin, antimicrobial properties. Weight: 25gm+ Origin: Asia Preparation: Add 2g..
Function : Beautifying & slimming & whitening skin, regulating menstruation & relieving pain, mental stress & anxiety,improving blood circulation & metabolism S..
Function: clearing heat and eliminating toxic Weight: 30gm+ Serving suggestion : 3-6gm soak in 90'c water for 3-5mins that is ready to serve ..
Function : Heat-clearing & detoxifying , antisepsis and anti-inflammation , cardiotonic & tonifying liver , lower blood pressure , anti-aging , internal cleansing & laxative Serving s..
Function : Heat-clearing, nourishing lung, relieving mental stress, invigorating spleen, remedy dizzy & dazzled, loosen bowels&laxative Serving suggestion : Add 4-6leaves&90'C hot wat..
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